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Joyce Poley

The songs listed below were written for congregational singing, and/or a soloist with simple choral or congregational support. The price shown is for a single copy, and includes permission to make as many duplicates as your choir or congregation needs.


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Now Is the Time


Up-tempo; a short, 3 part song suitable for worship, rallies, or other events aimed at preserving our fragile planet. Teachable by rote.   See the Music 

Keepers of the Earth


Moderate tempo; short zipper song with emphasis on our blessings from, and our responsibilities to, the earth. Optional SATB with descant.   See the MusicHear a Recording



Moderate tempo; verse/chorus format with optional simple harmonies on chorus.  
See the Music
Hear a Recording


How Sweet the Singing


Importance of songs and singing in all aspects of living. Moderate tempo; TB harmony on vs. 1 & 2; modulation and optional SATB on vs. 3.   See the MusicHear a Recording

All of Life Is Calling Me


Describes how we are awakened to the mysteries of life through nature, people, art, and even death. Moderate tempo; 4 verses with optional simple harmonies on chorus.   See the Music 


One More Step


Originally written as a peace song, it is also used in conjunction with themes involving commitment and action. Waltz time; intergenerational; optional very simple SATB.  See the MusicHear a Recording

One More Step (SATB)

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When Our Heart Is In A Holy Place


Our basic humanity is more important than all our differences; when we open ourselves to this sacred idea, then “our heart is in a holy place.” Three verses, with simple harmonies on chorus (slightly different piano accompaniment from that in “Singing the Journey”).   See the MusicHear a Recording

Help Me See


Slow tempo; very similar theme to “…Holy Place”. Suitable for meditative part of service. Very simple harmony on last line of each stanza.    See the Music Hear a Recording

I Will Not Pass By


Slow, meditative piece based on the story of the Good Samaritan. Three verses, simple harmonies on chorus. 
 See the MusicHear a Recording


May We Shine A Light of Love


Very short zipper song used for invocation, chalice lighting, or benediction. SATB; intergenerational appeal.
See the Music

As You Go On Your Way


Children’s recessional; melody with piano accompaniment.   See the Music

Three Graces


Intergenerational; two are call and response (Hallelujah Grace & Let Us Give Thanks) and one is a round (Blest Be the Hand)     See the Music


Oh Yes We Come


Up-tempo; each of the 5 verses describes an important aspect of our “Sources & Principles”. Call & response, and simple harmony on chorus.    See the Music Hear a Recording


If You Believe In Love


Wedding song for soloist, or soloist with choral backup on chorus. (SATB)  
See the MusicHear a Recording


Sailing On


Memorial song for soloist, or soloist with choral backup on chorus. (SATB)    
See the MusicHear a Recording

Sing My Sorrow Away


Up-tempo gospel feel; not necessarily for a memorial service, but deals with getting past grief. Suitable for soloist on verses, with 2 simple harmonies on chorus; modulation on last chorus.    
See the Music 


Would We Have Eyes to See


Slow tempo.  Suitable for soloist with choir. Theme: can we relate to the Biblical story of the nativity in a way that might illuminate our own spiritual journey? Simple SATB on chorus.
See the MusicHear a Recording

Would You Like to Hold the Baby


Slow tempo. Suitable for soloist with choir. Theme: the baby Jesus as a metaphor for our own spiritual life; an invitation to embrace and nurture that baby. Simple harmony on chorus.     
See the MusicHear a Recording

If I Were An Angel


Slow ¾ tempo. Suitable for soloist with choir. Theme: a wish to be ‘the angel’ that could bring about the highest aspirations of the Christmas season. Simple harmony on chorus.   
See the MusicHear a Recording

Christmas Is Here


Up-tempo; intergenerational round.   See the MusicHear a Recording

Christmas Pageants

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